Golf Tips

When Golf Balls Collide
Golf Tips

When Two Golf Balls Collide

Is there a penalty for hitting another golf ball on the green or anywhere in the golf course? While it is rare, striking your ball

Minimum Number of Clubs in Golf Bag
Golf Tips

The Minimum Number of Clubs in Golf Bag

So you are new to golfing and you found yourself asking “what golf clubs should I carry” without having a definite answer. Don’t worry. In

Golf Lessons Comparison
Golf Tips

Golf Lessons: Private vs School vs DIY

When it comes to learning golf, you have different options. You could either go for private golf lessons, golf schools or take the do-it-yourself approach.

Golf Lessons for Beginners
Golf Tips

Golf Lessons: Reasons To Take Them

One of the many challenges the golf beginners are facing when approaching the golf sport is mastering it, especially for those who want to elevate

Different Parts of a Golf Course
Golf Tips

The Different Parts of a Golf Course

In the previous article, we talked about the golf scoring terminologies that you should know as a beginner of the sport. This time, let us

Golf Scoring Terminologies
Golf Tips

Golf Course Scoring Terms for Beginners

There is quite a long list of golfing terminologies you have to be familiarized with as someone who just started playing the sport. We don’t

Golf Course Types by Size
Golf Tips

Types of Golf Courses According to Size

In the previous article about golf course types, we learned about the golf course types according to their access level. Of course, access is just

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