Funny Golf Terms You’ll Hear in Specific Golf Course Scenarios

Funny Golf Terms

While golf demands serious plays, funny moments can’t be avoided and so are the terms that come with it. In this update, let’s check on what people or players fondly say when presented with these specific golf course scenarios.

Army Golf

There are putting greens that are tricky enough for us to become so unsettled and keep on surveying the ball’s possible ways towards the hole. Army golf is when you find yourself moving from the left to the right side (and vice versa) of the hole.


When you hit a tree and still make a par, golfers fondly refer to it as barkie. Have you had a barkie experience?

Coast-to-coast flight

Sometimes a golfer can be so unfortunate for striking a ball from one green-side bunker only to land it on a bunker from the opposite side of the green.

Chicken Stick

Of all the 14 golf clubs you are allowed to have in your golf bag when playing a regulated golf game, there is certainly 1 particular club in them that you can always rely on – the one that helps you feel safe. That is a chicken stick. Which one is yours?


Especially for beginners, when a strike takes a divot out of the turf that sometimes goes further than the ball, people fondly call it a chunk or fat golf shot.

Dance Floor

Newcomers would probably hear other golfers talking about the dance floor. But no, they are not talking about doing a dance number instead of playing golf. Dance floor is just a fun term referring to the green. Yes, the putting green – where the ball could do all the dance moves just to get to the pin. Clever, isn’t it?


Have a lucky shot experience? How about when your putt made the ball circle the cup then goes in? You know, that all too familiar ball circling around the rim scenario in basketball happens in golf too.


Ever had a shot that flies too far? Players fondly refer to it as a flyer. And there’s a good chance you played a “flyer lie” scenario – a unique instance when grass gets trapped between the ball and clubface at impact.

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