Golf 101: Hitting Straighter Iron Shots

Making straight shots in golf can be difficult especially when you don’t have a natural swing to help deliver a natural straighter shot. Add to that the lack of practice time in a golf course like ours here at Costa Del Sol Golf Club and you are certainly in for a much greater challenge at attaining a shot that hits the target.

There are things, however, that you can do to make your curving shots improve and hit the golf ball straighter as you work your way around.

Because providing resolutions to such an issue may better be relayed through a thorough demo of what exactly there is to do to achieve a straight shot, we are bringing up a tutorial video by Chris Ryan from ChrisRyanGolf channel on Youtube where he showed exactly how to deal with your existing swing condition along with the useful tips to correct them.

To summarize Chris’ take on what to do to hit straight iron shots, there are three (3) things that you have to have in place to help you deliver dead straight shots.

  1. Hit the ball from the middle of the golf club
  2. Control club path so it’s straight towards the target
  3. Control club face to match up with club path

Alright, it is time for a golf shot lesson. Here’s Chris’ tutorial.

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