Golf 101: How Do You Track Your Score

Tracking Score in Golf

In golf, the player with the lowest score wins. I know, it is quite the opposite when we think about other major sports where the player or team with the most score wins. It’s a little different in golf. But how do players of the sport track their score? Let’s find out.

Golf scoring objective

Keeping in mind that the player with the lowest score wins, it should be your ultimate object as a competitor to finish each hole in a golf course with the fewest strokes possible. Ideally, you want to maintain a Par score, if not something less than that like a 1-under or a birdie.

Golf’s basic rule in scoring

Each hole in a course is essentially given a “Par” rating, which is the expected number of strokes to complete it. It is for this reason that you hear things like 1-under or 1-over and the likes. In fact, other scoring lexicons you’ll hear are relative to par.

Golf lexicons relative to Par rating

  • 1-under – when you complete a par-4 hole with 3 strokes – computed as Par rating minus one. This is also known in golf as “Birdie.”
  • 2-under – when you complete a par-5 hole with only 3 strokes for example. This is “Eagle” in golf.
  • 3-under – a very rare instance which means completing a par-4 hole with 1 stroke or a par-5 hole with 2 strokes. In golf, this is referred to as “albatross” or “double eagle.”
  • 1-over – when you complete a par-4 hole with 5 strokes – computed as Par rating plus one. This is known in golf as bogey.
  • 2-over – is simply a “double bogey” or 2 strokes over par.
  • 3-over – a likely familiar score when you’re a beginner or when you’re out of luck. It’s “triple bogey” in golf.
  • Even par – when you complete a par-4 hole with 4 strokes – meaning you completed with the expected strokes. Others also refer to this as “level par.”

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Tracking your score

So, how do you actually track your score in golf? Simple. You will have this golf scorecard detailing the par rating accompanied by a set of empty fields for you to fill in your score – and by score meaning the number of strikes committed.

If you are to come and play at our golf course in Doral, you would see a scorecard like below:

Keep in mind though that there are different golf scoring formats which is covered in details here.

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