Golf 101: Keeping Up the Pace of Play

Tips for Pace of Play in Golf

Pace, particularly a slow one, has always been an issue between players trying to complete each hole in a golf course like Costa Del Sol Golf Club. For one, slow play affects everyone. When a player can’t keep it up, the players behind will be forced to wait even if they don’t want to.

As a beginner who’s trying to observe golfing etiquette, this is one of the more important things to be aware of – keeping pace of play in check.

If you need a little help in this area of golf, here are some things you could do to keep your pace up with others.


In any case on the ground, it is always important to be prepared. That means don’t wait for something to be done before you do your thing. Like determining or deciding your plays while others are performing theirs.

Provisional ball

In case of uncertainty where your ball had landed, or you can’t seem to find it after striking it, immediately hit a provisional ball. This way you don’t have to replay the shot from the previous spot.

The green

We always see players measuring up the green, calculating their putt angles, speeds, etc.. This process can take a while. So don’t wait for your turn on the green to do your own process of reading. Do it the moment you reach the green so when it’s your turn you’re ready enough to deliver your putt. Once done, leave quickly so others can take their turn.


Keeping moving. Don’t stand around after you’re done with your shot. Do what’s necessary of the situation and move on to the next. Like when you’re done with the green, leave, return to your golf cart and drive to your next tee.

Play through

If you want to spend the maximum allowable time to look for your missing golf ball, at least allow players beyond you to play through. On to the missing ball, don’t ask for help looking for it unless you are certain you are not wasting anyone’s time.


Like giving tips? Do in the driving range. Or, give it away when you are sure you’re not taking anyone’s time away. Also, pay attention to competitors’ drives. In case they lose sight of their ball, save everyone the hassle of searching by pointing them where it landed.

There are many ways a player can do to help speed up a golf play. It’s just really a matter of knowing what to do and not to do while playing golf.

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