Gift Ideas for a Golf Beginner this December

Golf Driver and Golf Ball

One of the things December is known for is that it’s a month of gift giving. And so, if you are thinking of gifting a friend who is aiming to be Tiger Woods 2.0 in the coming years, this article will enumerate some ideas to help you get started.

Golf book

To get started, why not buy your beginner friend a book – one that’s highly relevant to his level or one that you think will interest him. We’d like to come up with a list, but Book Authority already did list some good titles for you to start with. Check them out here.

Golf tournament

If buying tickets to Adele’s concert would work great for a friend who’s a fan of Adele, why not invite a golf beginner to a golf tournament where his golf hero is playing. Your friend will be ecstatic for sure. Just be sure you know who he idolizes in golf. If not, at least bring him to the most interesting golf tournament taking place around you.

Golf lesson

Nothing inspires a friend more to keep going than supporting him through the struggles. One way to show your support is to enroll him in a golf lesson as a gift. If you’re around Doral, our friends at Pure Swings Golf Academy would be a great place to go. They can customize a golf lesson for your friend!

Golf game

Golf is one of those games that is even more satisfying when played with friends. So why not book an all paid for golfing day with your friend. He’d be delighted to show off his golfing skills to you and you to him, let alone the epic conversation both of you will be sharing throughout. If you’re in Doral, check out our tee time rates here.

Golf membership

Feeling a little more generous for a hard working friend whom you see a bright future? How about giving him an all-expenses paid golf membership as a gift? Golf clubs do offer membership with varying advantages. You can check our Monthly Pass Holder Program here.

Golf equipment

Is your friend renting golf clubs every time he visits a golf course? Why not gift him with a set of golf clubs if your budget allows. If not, how about wrapping up one of the best golf drivers for him. Golf Digest listed the best ones here. Golf putters, too! Golf Week @ USA Today listed the new ones here. A pack of golf balls would be awesome as well.

Golf apparels

You have a lot of options in this category. Hats, shirts, shorts, pants, shoes, gloves and others. The key thing here is to figure out what your friend is missing or what he likes having. You can also go the extra mile with these items by having them autographed by his golf hero if possible. Or gift the same item his golf hero is wearing on course. Or, if you can, bring your friend for shopping at a nearby golf pro shop and pay for anything your friend wants to have.

Remember, expensive or not, it’s the thought that counts. For sure your friend would appreciate any kind of gift coming from you.

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