What is Birdie in Golf, its History and How to Score One

What is Birdie in Golf?

“Birdie” is one of the scoring terms you will encounter when playing golf at Costa Del Sol Golf Cluba golf course in Doral, or anywhere accessible from where you are. It is one because there are more golf scoring terminologies to know about.

This article, however, will dive deeper into this particularly interesting “birdie” term – which number of strokes it represents, where the term came from and, if you’re like most golfers, learn how to score one. So, let’s get to it.

What is birdie in golf?

Technically, birdie is a golf term associated with scoring one stroke less than the declared par of any given hole.

So, for instance, you are dealing with a par-3 hole. To score a birdie, you simply need to make sure you complete the hole consuming only two (2) strokes. For a par-4 hole, you would need three (3) strokes.

Where does the word “Birdie” come from in golf?

The term Birdie was derived from an American slang “bird” which is mainly to mean something great or wonderful.

There are different accounts as to where the term actually came from. However, the most recognized commemoration of when and where it was brought to the game was in a golf game at Atlantic City Country Club in New Jersey back in 1903. In fact, a plague was established on site to help remember its conception.

It was only in the 1910s that using birdie to signify a score that is one under par became widespread.

How to score a Birdie?

Scoring a birdie typically arises through skill and experience, and sometimes luck. Here are some areas or things you can work on to hit some birdies in a game.

  • Set yourself up favorably by hitting long, straight and on target shots.
  • Use golf clubs that help bring out your striking power while keeping you in control.
  • Use putters that help you maneuver the green with utmost precision.
  • Practice makes perfect. Same quote applies to golf. Therefore, practice your shots.
  • Offload negative thoughts and energy, if not use them to your advantage.

Or, learn from Seb and how he made 10 birdies in a row below.

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