Finding a Golf Course – Things You Need to Know

Golf Course

It doesn’t really matter where you play golf for as long as you have the motivation, tools and skills to do so. But since you are here, you probably need a guidance on which golf course to play at. Let’s take a look at the things you should consider when finding a course to enjoy a day of golf.


You would want to play in a golf course that puts your golfing skill to the test. This is especially recommended for golfers who seek improvement in their game where only challenging golf courses can help harness. You can read on information and course reviews to learn beforehand if a golf course is challenging or not.


You would want to play at a course that is easy to get to. This is especially important if you don’t have that much to spend for travel just to get to the course. Or simply you don’t want to go that far just to play golf. Search for golf courses near you. Or, if you are visiting a place, research ahead for any courses around it.


Golf courses are not created equal. Some were designed by architects and designers with impressive attention to details, while others were not. One way to be informed ahead of the course design is to look at published pictures, marketing materials and/or those shared by other players who have been there.


Calling for confirmation is key for this one. You just don’t want to be too excited to play and find out on your arrival that the course your targeting is closed for scheduled maintenance.


There is what we call full-length golf courses, like those courses professionals play at in tournaments. And there is also par-3 and putt courses, which are mostly for amateurs and practicing golfers. Both features 9 or 18 holes. That is to say if you want a tournament like round of golf, look for a full-length course.


Access is another factor to consider when selecting a golf course. There is a public golf course, like Costa Del Sol Golf Club, and there is a private golf course. The main difference is that the public ones are available to the public for a fee or at times free, while the private ones are only available to members, or a guest in case of a resort with a course. Having said that, check beforehand whether the course you are aiming for is a public or a private and then decide from there.


It would be best if the golf course you play at has amenities like a driving range, a pro shop and/or a restaurant, like Costa Del Sol Golf Club with Lago Del Sol restaurant within. While you are there to play, things like these add to the overall golfing experience. Just imagine having an easily accessible place to relax after a golfing session.


Services like golf club rentals and golf lessons would come in handy especially when you don’t have your own golf clubs to play with yet and/or you’re an amateur who prefers having a coach guiding you on the side while you take your strokes.


Have no time to do your own research? Ask a circle of friends who may have a golf course to recommend. The best thing about doing this is that you will most likely get a genuine recommendation and you’ll be guided instantly as to what to do and what is needed.

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