Golf & COVID-19: Alternative Ways You Can Satisfy Your Golf Cravings

Freely going out to play a round of golf at your favorite golf course may not be possible especially during situations like the COVID-19 – when all of us are recommended to stay in doors and avoid close contact with other people. (In case your area allows people to go out and play golf, here are some tips on doing it safely.)

But how do we satisfy our golf cravings while we are not allowed to enter a golf course, let alone being confined at the comfort of our home? Here is a list of options.

Mini golf setup

Play golf in your yard or indoors with a mini golf setup. This can be a DIY setup or a ready-made mini golf setup you bought and assembled before. You can be as creative as setting up your own mini putting green and/or a practice net setup. Or, buy a ready setup online if it can be delivered to your door. You can go for a mini putting green or as quirky as the potty putter set.

Golf simulation setup

If you have a golf simulation setup at home, this is the best time to make use of that. Not only you can swing as much as you want with it, but you can also get useful information that enables you to improve your performance which in turn helps you get ready for when it’s already okay to go out and play on an actual golf course.

Review your statistics

If you are really serious about improving your golf performance, with the restriction around, it could be the best time to review your golfing history. Doing this allows you to understand your shortcomings as a golfer and enables you to see the areas you need to work on to improve your game. Now, is not finding a way to improve your game satisfying enough?

Clean your golf tools

Some golfers find satisfaction in cleaning their golfing tools, bringing them back to their tip-top, shiny shapes. Why not, right? Looking at the golf tools in their best shape is always satisfying, at least for golf enthusiasts. Besides, who does not want to take charge in cleaning their own set? It’s part of the regime. Now, go clean yours!

Read golf books

Avid golf players find themselves reading golf books when they can, are they not? It can be a way to satisfy golf craving while waiting to hit back the golf course. Reading golf books can help improve your game. These books are written by professional players themselves as well as coaches of the game. New tricks can be learned but, of course, you don’t want to overanalyze the things you will learn from doing this. Instead, put them to the test and find out yourself if the same expert tips and guides also apply to the way you play the game.

Check on golf articles and guides

Similar to ready golf books, you can find a lot of contents pertaining to the nitty gritty of the sport when you browse the internet. There are a bunch of websites you can visit online to read on golf stories. Or, if you’re trying to learn a golf trick, you can visit video sites like Youtube and look up for golf tutorials.

Play golf games

No, we’re not talking about the actual game, but the version of it you can play on your smartphone. There are pretty good golf game apps you can try on both the App Store and Playstore. They’re entertaining, perfect time killers and can be played with family members.

There you have it. Do you know a way to satisfy a golf craving in situations like the COVID-19? Let us know in the comments below.

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