Golf & COVID-19: How to Play Golf Safely

Sometimes, there is nothing that can stop us from doing what we love doing. The same applies to golf, especially when you’re like us who can’t let pass some days without a good round of golf on a golf course nearby.

But with COVID-19, you want to be extra careful and be safe while enjoying the sport you love. Here is a list of tips on playing golf safely.

Clean and sanitized golf course

This isn’t about selecting your favorite golf course to play on anymore, but making sure that the golf course you are opting to play at is adhering to all safety measures and disease prevention possible.

Local authorities and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide guidelines in times of pandemic such as COVID-19. You want to make sure the management of the golf course you are preselecting is adhering to these guidelines and is practicing the highest possible frequency of facility cleaning and disinfection.

Go to the game ready

It is not enough to be ready as a player this time, but be ready as someone who doesn’t want to have COVID-19 for playing golf. With this in mind, you have to bring all the necessary protection you can think of before marching your way to the golf course. Things like masks, sanitizers, alcohol, towels, extra clothes to say the least should be among the items in your protection kit.

Distance yourself

Whether COVID-19 navigates through air or via droplets, one way to prevent the virus from reaching you is to distance yourself from those who may be infected. As you may already know, the symptomatic ones are easy to see and avoid since you have a visual queue. With the asymptomatic individuals, however, you don’t have the visual queue, so practice distancing yourself from players and other people on the course even if you see them healthy.

Trust your gut

This time, when you thought you have touched something that may have been infected; doors, counters, pin pads, golf carts, range balls, baskets – you have to trust your gut and react promptly by disinfecting your hands with a sanitizer or alcohol, if washing your hands is not possible.

Observe limitations

Because golf courses are required to follow guidelines from national and local authorities, there may be limitations to observe. When you encounter them, be a professional player that you are and observe them. Think of these limitations as a way to keep you safe while enjoying your favorite sport.

Leave the game sanitized

You don’t want to unknowingly bring COVID-19 with you and proceed to infect you at the comfort of your home and leave your loved ones vulnerable as well. In this regard, be sure to disinfect yourself after you’re done playing golf. And then, do the same procedure before entering your home.

There you have it. Do you know of a way to keep safe from COVID-19 while enjoying a round of golf? Let us know in the comments below.

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