Learning Golf: The Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

Golf Dos and Don'ts

Golf is not like grab the club that looks great to you and hit the course for some swinging action here and there. If you really are serious about mastering the sport, you have to start with observing which ones to do and which not to do as an aspiring player.

Here are a couple of golf dos and don’ts to start with.


Do: Practice ranges are there for a reason. For first-timers like you, there is no better way to get started with the sport than taking the practice range and getting used to the game before hitting the course.

Don’t: Think about what others think about you. You are not there for them. You are there to get started, to get yourself acquainted with the sport.


Do: Work with a pro. Professional players and/or golf coaches can help you build a much stronger foundation for your game. Convince a pro friend to teach you if you know one.

Don’t: Let anybody teach you the way, especially beginners like you trying to make a fool of themselves. It will lead you nowhere.


Do: Buy golf equipment that can help you reach an ideal golfing experience. A golf glove, for example, would be a handy upgrade to your game, especially considering comfort, control and palm protection altogether.

Don’t: Worry about shelling out cash for helpful equipment. You master the sport with your preferred tools. Golf isn’t just about your skill set, it is also about those equipment you play with.


Do: Spend some cash for the nicest golf attire you can come up with. Some golf clubs do require for you to come and play in proper golfing attire.

Don’t: Overdo shopping for apparel, especially that you are just staring. As you progress, you will learn a thing or two on which brands and clothing style actually works for you on the course.


Do: Spend some time understanding the rules and etiquette.

Don’t: Skip your way through. There may be some things you need to understand beforehand.


Do: Have fun as much as possible. There is more learning when you are actually enjoying what you are doing.

Don’t: Play the game as if it is an obligation. It is hard when you are just forced to do it.


Do: Remember the good shots you have and the little things that lead to it. Learn from the bad shots.

Don’t: Get frustrated when nothing seems to work. Don’t dwell on your shortcomings as a player. Move on. Keep trying. The pros of the sport have been in your situation before.

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