FAQ – Answers to Basic Questions about Golf

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It is your first time to play golf and you have all these questions in your mind that you badly need answers for. We get it.

You’re confused, curious and anxious at the same time. Relax!

We will try to answer some of the basic questions thrown by all the others who have been in your situation. Read on.

Are public golf courses free?

Okay, you are looking for a golf course to play at and then you stumbled on their core distinction. There’s a public, private, semi-private and resort course. You found a golf course you like and then you noticed it is being introduced or labeled as “public”. And so the question “are public golf courses free?” comes to mind.

The answer to this question really depends. A public golf course, depending on its management, could be offered for free to the public or with a fee. But if the idea of public and fee doesn’t mix well in your understanding as you would argue that when it’s public, it’s for the public, you’re paying your taxes, and therefore it should be free. Well, consider sustainability. Also, public fees are typically lower than the other varieties.

How do I get started in golf?

It could be that you have suddenly found yourself surrounded by people who love and play the sport. Then the interest has grown in you and now you found yourself wanting to give it a try. But then you ask yourself “how do I get started in golf?” the question.

There are several ways to get started in golf. But what you really need to begin with is to have that level of interest to get going which you probably already have. Then, from there, it is just a matter of finding resources to learn from. You can go watch a lot of training videos online. You can enroll for a golfing lesson. Go with those people you know who are regularly hitting the course. You also need to gear up. Here’s an article that lists the things need to start playing.

Is golf hard to learn?

Not at all. Though it certainly requires a lot of practice and playing time to reach a level you wanted for yourself as a player. But lucky are we that the internet brought us access to a bunch of tutoring materials online to learn from. And should learning the sport be that hard for you, you can also opt to have a coach, which could be a player friend, a pro, anyone you can trouble, by your side giving you guidance. And if you like the idea of learning with others like you, or that learning is easy for you when you’re in a group, you can enroll for a golf lesson.

What to wear golf for the first time?

You want to make sure that you are coming in with the appropriate attire, but not sure which is appropriate. The answer to this question really depends on the golf course you are aiming for. Some golf courses would allow the normal or usual while others simply don’t care. But there are also courses that follow high standards and therefore proper golfing attire should be followed.

The key thing to do here is to ask the course management beforehand about what’s accepted and what’s not. If you’re too shy to throw the questions, at least ask someone who have been there. If that’s not an option as well, then stay with the usually accepted attire which include a collared polo shirt, shorts or slacks with belt loops, golf shoes with soft spikes, a belt and socks. You can also wear baseball caps and golf glove.

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