Golf Lessons: Private vs School vs DIY

Golf Lessons Comparison

When it comes to learning golf, you have different options. You could either go for private golf lessons, golf schools or take the do-it-yourself approach. But which one to take over the others? The answer would depend on your needs and situation. Let’s find out more.

Private golf lessons

There are many associated benefits for taking a private golf lesson. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • One-on-one – it’s like having a buddy around correcting your errors and giving you tips to improve.
  • Experience – lessons from a skilled player can help improve your game by leaps and bounds.
  • Techniques – you’ll also be shared with valuable techniques only professionals can provide.
  • Consistent – because you are mostly likely to work with the same instructor throughout, significant improvement can be observed in a short period of time.

Private golf lesson is basically the option to go for if you want undivided attention from your instructor or that you want the lesson/training to be just between you and your instructor.

Golf schools

Golf academies offer similar benefits to the private option. Only this time you’ll be learning with other players in the same level as you or with your family if you opt for family golf classes. Do note, however, that some golf schools also offer the private lesson option. Depending on the school, golf instructors are members of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association), which should be your primary qualifier when looking for one.

Golf school is the option to go for when you prefer to learn golf with others like you or that learning is easy for you when you are doing it with other people.


Now, let’s admit it. Taking a private golf lesson or enrolling in a golf school can be quite an investment. This makes DIY the option for many. Do you really have to take private lessons or attend a golf school to improve your game? Of course not – though it can greatly help you. Can you study golf and improve on your own? Yes you can!

Grab a good book or look up quality resources online. Some professionals also share useful tips and strategies through instructional videos. All you have to do is search for them on the internet.

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