What to wear to a Golf Tournament as a Player

Congratulations! You must be very busy and anxious right now in preparing for your golf tournament appearance.

If you are not sure about what to wear to a golf tournament you’ll be participating in, well, that is what this resource is going to talk about. Read on before heading over to a golf store or a golf pro shop near you.

Standard golf tournament dress code

For all golf tournaments, the accepted standards are the following:

Collared shirts

All male players should wear collared shirts. And while we’re at it, you should bring up the best and most comfortable collared shirts you can wear for the event. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort in order to follow this rule.

Female players, on the other hand, are highly encouraged to wear collared shirts. Or, something appropriate and does not expose the midriff or that has a modest opening in front.

Khakis or slacks

Unfortunately, shorts and denims are primarily not accepted to be worn by male golf players particularly in PGA tournaments. Khakis or slacks are accepted, look great and appropriate. Keep in mind though that this varies between tournaments and/or whether or not you are playing a competitive round.

Skirt, skort, shorts

For ladies, skirt, skort and shorts are generally admissible. However, length restrictions do apply. Ideally, it should be long enough so it does not appear revealing or scandalous. Pants and slacks are recommended. Jeans and joggers are not allowed.

Besides the above, there are some other things you need to consider as well.


Obviously, you want to sport your golf shoes, not those sandals or boots. Bare in mind, however, the metal spikes are being discouraged nowadays while soft spikes are favored to help protect the greens. That is, make sure your golf shoes have those rubber studs or soft spikes for ground grip in order to minimize course damage.


Playing golf exposes you to broad daylight which may irritate you along the way. Burning scalp, no? Sun rays, the brighter they are, can also challenge your course vision. Glares? This makes hats relevant, particularly if you want some protection and undistracted course maneuvers.

While there is no rule limiting the kind of hat you can wear in a golf tournament, the general rule of thumb is to wear the most appropriate one. Yes, that means those cowboy hats and the likes may be a little too much.

The main idea of golf tournament dress codes is for you to really come up as clean looking and as appropriate as you can. That means you should be able to present yourself neatly and professionally. This not only helps your image as a golf player, but should also boost your confidence in maneuvering the course. Dress codes are in place to help remind players to appear professional on the course.

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