Golfing 101: What You Need to Start Playing Golf

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Shoes to play basketball, gloves to play boxing, racket to play tennis. Any sport requires some gears/equipment to play with and golf is no exception. If this is going to be the first time you will play golf and you are wondering about the things you should be having in preparation for this experience, here is a list of things you need to have before you hit the golf course and swing your way through.

Golf apparel

“What to wear golfing for the first time?” This probably is one of the many questions that crossed your mind. While you can certainly play the sport (non-tournaments) with what you already have in your closet, investing on the more appropriate apparel for playing golf can bring comfort which can be crucial to your overall golfing experience. Shoes, pants, polo shirts, belts, caps, shades anything you feel the need to upgrade to, or buy if you don’t have one already, so to make your golfing experience as comfortable as possible.

Golf bag

You may have noticed already those who are playing golf use a set of equipment (will elaborate more later) that are heavy to carry around the holes. Yes, we are talking about those metal sticks golfers use to strike the ball. They come in varying weights which when combined together would put you in a weight lifting challenge. For this, you need a bag, especially the kind of bag that can hold all those equipment you need to play golf. And while we are in this conversation, don’t forget to also get one for non-golf items.

Golf clubs

What is the name of the stick used to play golf? These metal sticks we are talking about are called clubs in the golf world. They come in set and have three (3) main types namely the woods, irons and putters. From the tea, you will need the woods to drive the ball for a long flight. In the fairway, you will need the precision of the irons to navigate your way through with the fewest strokes possible, but there are scenarios wherein you will need certain woods to do the job. When you are around the hole, you will need putters to ideally deliver your final stroke. This answers to the question about what should a beginner golfer have in his bag. You can play with up to 14 golf clubs on the course.

Golf balls

Did you know that even those little dimpled balls can influence the outcome of your game? Yes, you read that correctly. Golf balls come in different materials and construction. They even come in varying layers. But remember this, if you want more ball travel, try a harder ball while if you require some more spin, play with a softer ball. These little details, even the dimples you notice in its surface, affects the aerodynamics of the ball. That is to say you have to really understand the spec sheet of the ball you are buying before paying for it.

Golf accessories

There is a lot to choose in this category, but the most important is the tee. You can’t set the golf ball without it. Other useful things to consider include but are not limited to golf ball marker which you need in case you want to pick up your ball in play, gloves which is essential if you don’t want to end up with hurting hands and a rangefinder which would be helpful in times when you need to measure distance.

Aside from the things mentioned, you also need focus especially if you aim to get better in each play.To improve further, taking golf lessons can also help.

There you have it. What have you done so far to prepare yourself for a round of golf? Let us know in the comments below.

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