How Common is a Hole-in-One in Golf?

Hole-in-One, otherwise known as Ace, believe it or not, is not that hard to reach. At least, that is how it looks for the record holders of the most aces in major golf tournaments. With dedication, game improvement golf clubs, advanced tools to help improve golfing skills, a lot of practice sessions in a challenging golf course like ours in Doral, and a little bit of luck, hole-in-one is becoming a familiar score in golfers’ scoring sheets.

Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy golf players who made scoring hole-in-one in pro tours look ordinary.

Aces in PGA Tour

The names to follow are Hal Sutton and Robert Allenby. These golf players have made 10 aces each since they started. Sutton’s 10th hole-in-one took place in the 2003 Bank of America Colonial. Allenby’s, on the other hand, happened during the 2016 CareerBuilder Challenge.

Aces in LPGA Tour

Kathy Whitworth made it look easy with her 11 hole-in-one record. Her last one was in the 1983 Henredon Classic. It’s worth noting that she’s also LPGA’s all-time leader with 88 career wins.

Aces in European Tour

The record goes to Miguel Angel Jimenez with 10 hole-in-ones. He got his 10th career hole-in-one during the 2015 BMW PGA Championship. He was tied with Colin Montgomerie before taking the lead with the most holes-in-one.

Aces in Champions Tour

The names to take note of here are Miller Barber, Graham Marsh and J.C. Snead. They all share the same record for most hole-in-ones at 6 each. Barber reached the record at the 1996 Bank One Classic. Snead tied in the 2007 The ACE Group Classic. And Marsh, being the most recent to join the record party, tied it in the 2012 Principal Charity Classic.

How to improve your chances in scoring a hole-in-one?

Practice can get you there, especially on holes where a hole-in-one is achievable like dogleg and horseshoe holes.You need to work on your precision to get the ball where you want it to land. If equipment upgrade feels necessary, do it. If fitness is a factor, work on your body as well so you’re always 100% in delivering your shots.

If you are in Doral, you can visit our golf course for a challenging round of golf.

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