How Do Tee Times in Golf Courses Work?

How Tee Times Work

You encountered tee time and are not sure about what the jargon is and why do golf courses have them. Don’t worry! This article should help you settle your comprehension for this particular golf term.

What is a tee time?

A tee time is basically a reservation. Much like you need a reservation to secure a room in a 5 star hotel or a table in a fine dining restaurant. That said, a tee time is the time you want to play at a given golf course. If you want to play from 10am to 11am, then make that your tee time when you go reserve for one.

Beyond the reservation logic, a tee time’s purpose is basically to help organize players on the course and it is for every player’s benefit. Playing golf in a crowded and unorganized golf course just doesn’t feel right, does it? With tee time in place, golfers’ flow around the course is maintained. Intervals are also in place to further space out players’ turns.

Tee time limits

Tee times can be reserved at any time through booking sites or through an official golf course website with online booking feature. But the time you want to have your tee time is bound to the golf course’s open hours.

For first time visitors and/or those who are unsure about the tee time policy in place, it is best to visit the course’s website or call the course’s support about it. This is to avoid being turned away for not having a tee time reservation in advance when visiting a golf course that strictly requires it.

Tee time in tournaments

Tee time is quite different in professional golf. In tournaments for example, tee time is referred to as the time a player or group of players are to begin their play. This is particularly helpful in golf promotions wherein fans could choose to tune in at the tee time of their favorite player.

Are tee times required?

It is up to a golf course’s management and/or policy if a tee time is required or not. Some courses strictly require them, some have them but are not required while others may not have them at all.

Getting a tee time

Getting a tee time has been made pretty much straight forward by most golf courses including us here at Costa Del Sol Golf Club. You will find that most golf courses provide options to getting one. These options include:

  • Booking sites – where you visit a booking website, select the course you want to play at and make your tee time reservation.
  • Golf course sites – where you visit the official golf course website and from there you make the tee time reservation.
  • Calling the course – where you may be guided on how to book a tee time and fulfilling the reservation via a phone call.
  • Visiting the course – where you head over to the course to make a tee time reservation on or before the date you want to play on.

Some courses provide all these options, while others are limited to one or two.

In our case, you simply book your tee time through the booking widget you see on the bottom-right corner of your screen.

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