How Much does it Cost to Enter a Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Entry Cost Explained

Playing in a golf tournament is a great way to establish yourself as a player in the professional world and get used to the pressure surrounding a more serious golf setting, especially that everyone will be playing at their best to win the prize.

If you feel like it is your time to get out there and get the much needed experience as a player, that’s great! And then the question, “how much does it cost to enter a golf tournament?” That’s a good question. Let’s talk about it.

Golf tournament entry fee

The entry fee of which you have to pay in order to join a golf tournament depends on a couple of factors. Entry fees could be as low as $0 and could go as high as $1,000.

Factors to consider


If you are in Doral, and you are considering playing in one of our weekly golf tournaments at our challenging 18 hole course, then it would not cost you that much to join.

However, if you’re coming from a distant location, then you’d need to factor in fare and other costs. That is to say, the farther you are from the golf tournament venue, the more expenses you’ll have to prepare for.


The golf tournament itself is a factor as they come in different formats. There are local, national and international. Some tournaments even provide privileges to the best players coming in. For example, if you’re already a known best player of the sport, you may not be required to pay an entry fee to join. It is like, as the best player, you’ll probably have a sponsor paying up those fees for you.


Entry fee can also be influenced by your position in the ranks in some tournaments. That is to say, as you find yourself down in the ladder, you’ll find yourself paying more to join in.


There is also what we call a pre-tournament qualifying event. On the PGA Tour, for example, competing players in pre-tournament events need to pay $400 each.


Your membership also affects the price you have to pay for when you play in a tournament. For example, if you’re not a PGA member but you qualified for the PGA Tour event, then there is what the community calls “limited dues” of $50 that you have to pay.

Some tournaments arranged by golf clubs may also require different entry fees between members and non-members.


Any missing equipment and accessory in your golf bag, or even apparel, whether you buy them from the course’s pro shop or any golf store, this you will need for the tournament will be an add-on cost to you. This is not a problem if you already have all the things you need even before thinking about joining a golf tournament.

If cost is something you want control over, then checking the tournament details is key to knowing what’s there you have to prepare for financially. Beyond that, don’t forget that the experience you’ll get from it will be both fun and challenging, so don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it.

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