How much does it Cost to Play Golf in Doral, Florida

Golf in Doral

Depending on which Doral golf course you choose to play at and the type of golfing activity you want to be doing, the cost could be as low as $40 or as high as $400. Let’s explore your options and the factors you need to consider when choosing Doral as your next tee time destination.

Golf courses in Doral

Doral and surrounding areas are home to a couple of well-established golf courses. Below are your choices when selecting a golf course to play at in Doral. Note: Sorted according to their distance from the center of Doral – up to 9 miles.

  • Costa Del Sol Golf Club – (our very own) presents 1 challenging golf course
  • Trump National Doral – gives you 4 golf courses to choose from
  • Miccosukee Golf & Country Club – offers 3 golf courses 
  • Miami Springs Golf & Country Club – offers 1 golf course
  • Killian Greens Golf Club – offers 1 golf course

Factors affecting the overall cost of golfing experience in Doral

There are things that affect the cost of your golfing experience in Doral. Some of these can lessen the overall cost.

  • Travel – this only applies if you are traveling to Doral from a distant location. The cost of travel to get to Doral will certainly take a bite off your stash and should be part of your cost consideration.
  • Accommodation – this would come into consideration if you are visiting from another state or country in which case you would need a place to stay. It would help if you have a friend in the area where you can stay for free.
  • Promotion – sometimes golf courses offer discount promotions that would allow golfers to save money on their golfing day. They are not often though, so if you have the time to wait, do it to save money.
  • Season – you probably want to skip to a later date and avoid the months when golfing activities are high if you are looking to save some cash. Else, be ready with some extra money for the increase rates when choosing a date when golf courses are expected to be busy.
  • Day of the week – golf courses usually offer varying rates between weekdays and weekends. Weekends are available at a higher rate, so if you are looking to cut down the fee, choose the weekdays.
  • Membership – this works for those who want to be exclusive and frequent the same course for a longer period of time. Golf club members are usually given perks or tee time discounts in turn for a monthly subscription. Take note, membership fee is, most of the time, different between residents and non-residents.
  • Number of holes – you can choose between 9 and 18 holes. The former is usually offered at a lower rate than the latter. 
  • Cart or walking – this one is about convenience. If you like walking around though, then there is not a need for you to go for a fee that includes a cart which is usually offered at a higher rate.
  • Equipment – this will only be a factor if you come to play golf in Doral without your own set of golf clubs. Golf club rentals are available to allow you a hassle-free golfing experience (because traveling with your own equipment can be dragging). You just have to pay a rental fee if you want to take advantage of it. 
  • Apparels and accessories – this also comes into consideration if you don’t have an existing golfing outfit or if you want to buy a new set of golf apparel and accessories for the game from the golf course’s pro shop or from a retail shop. Also, some golf courses require certain dress codes, so be sure to inquire about it.

Is Doral a great place to come and play golf

Knowing that it could be costly for someone traveling to the area without accommodation and equipment brings us to the question “is Doral worth it for golf?”

The answer is yes, absolutely! If you really are into golf, you are heading to a place belonging to a state that is positioning itself as a darling of the golf industry. That said, it’s a place where you get to encounter variability in course design and obstacles which makes golfing fun and challenging. That alone is worth the trouble and cost.

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