How to Win a Golf Game Against a Better Golfer

How to beat a better golfer

There are things you can do to be victorious in each golf round you play. But since you are here, I suppose you need guidance on how to do so, especially beating someone better than you. In this update, we are going to explore some things you can do to beat a better golfer.

Here is how to beat a better golfer:

Wear your best game outfit

Sorry, but looking like a scrub heading to a golf round just won’t cut it. It’s been proven that players perform better when they come dressed up. Also, looking good and wearing the right clothes for the game can boost your confidence which can be one of the things you need to deliver your best plays.

Maintain your gear

Filthy golf clubs could only be the reason why you have been delivering subpar performance. Those tiny dust particles, not to mention soil sticking in the clubface, could get in the way and impact your shots. So, the next time you head on for a golf round, be sure you have your gear cleaned up and maintained.

Correct your weaknesses

The key to beating someone in a game is to come prepared. One way to prepare yourself is to minimize, if not correct, all your weaknesses. Players have their own set of weaknesses. Just be sure you have yours in check and that you’re working on to correct them.

Do pregame practice

Another way to prepare yourself for a battle is to do pregame practice shots. To do this, you have to come an hour or 30 minutes early and do range and putting green practices. This helps you loosen up and work on your strokes before the actual game.

Choose the course

Playing at a golf course you are familiar with gives you that edge over your opponent. If you don’t have the power to choose the course, resort to studying the selected course and reading online reviews for useful tips and guides on how to overcome it with a good score.

Choose match play

If you find yourself requiring more strokes than usual to complete a course, like a high handicapper, you might want to choose Match Play over Stroke Play so strokes don’t roll over from hole to hole. Still, you have to be the first to finish a hole to earn a point. The more points you earn, the more likely you’ll win.

Win the psywar

Sometimes things can get heated and irritating words can be thrown your way. But you just can’t tell your opponent to shut up, so the best way to deal with mental game and win it in a way is to be ready and do the same when the scenario warrants. Of course, when you see an opening, don’t hesitate to take a jab. An upset opponent usually plays badly. Just be sure it’s not you who gets upset easily.

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