How to Wear a Golf Bag – Tips to Save Your Back

Golf is both fun to watch and play, and definitely existing if you play in golf tournaments.

However, seeing golfers walking around carrying golf bags loaded with all the things they grabbed from the pro shop and carry around after every hole will make you wonder – aren’t those making their back hurt?

There are things you can do if you want to make sure you are doing the right things with your golf bag, especially correctly wearing and carrying it around so it doesn’t bother you let alone sap your energy and strain your back.

Why bother wearing your golf bag correctly?

“I am strong,” you might say.

Well, for one, not doing it the right way can make your life difficult on the golf course in several ways like having to deal with back pain as you play.

Some reasons why you want to carry your golf bag the right way is to avoid hurting your back and exhausting yourself.

Why protect your back while wearing your golf bag?

Our back is an integral part of our golf posture and swing. Make it hurt and it will hinder you from giving your best shots. Thus, the last thing you want to experience is chronic back pain trying to get in your way to perform your best on the course.

Not wearing your golf bag correctly can also drain your energy

That’s right!

Remember, golf is either played with 9 holes or 18 holes to go through. And mostly it’s the latter like the challenging golf course we have here at Costa del Sol Golf Club. Just imagine walking with an unsettled back because you’re carrying your bag incorrectly – it will start to exhaust you midway through the game! And you need all the energy you can produce to give your swing the power it needs to get your golf ball on target.

So, how do you wear and carry your golf bag correctly in order to save your back?

Carrying a golf bag with one strap

The secret to carrying your golf bag with one strap that does not hurt your back and does not get you exhausted is to use your stronger shoulder to carry the load. Also, don’t forget to switch shoulders the moment you feel the need to give your used shoulder a breather.

Some tips to remember that will help carrying the bag more easily.

  • Load your golf bag properly so to avoid unnecessary problems (reading suggestion: the minimum number of clubs in golf bag)
  • Arrange the things in it to make it evenly weighted
  • Adjust the strap of the bag to fit your figure so it’s more comfortable to wear

Carrying a golf back with two strap

To carry a golf bag with two straps, what you need to make sure is to get the bag as evenly weighted as possible. Also, be sure to adjust its straps according to your body before you even hit the course.

Golf bags do come with adjustable straps (find another if yours doesn’t have this feature), so make use of it to make carrying your bag around more comfortable. One way to tell that you did the adjustment right is when you wear your bag it feels like it’s part of your body rather than a slinging heavy load of something.

Lastly, you want to practice lifting your golf bag with your legs and following it up with good posture. We’ve seen enough golfers around here at Costa Del Sol Golf Club not practicing this back saving way of lifting their bags and slouching awkwardly as they carry their bags around. We don’t want you to do this. We want you to save your back so you can have the best golfing experience you deserve.

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