Lost Golf Ball Found in Hole – Golf Ruling Examined

Golf Ball in Hole

Sports can have very rare scenarios where you wonder what rules are in place to handle it and keep things moving. Golf is no exception to this. Here is one unlikely or should we say very rare scenario that could happen to you in golf and the rule in place to decide its outcome.

A rare golf scenario

You aimed for the green, delivered your impressive stroke and all of a sudden you have lost track of where your golf ball has gone. After cluelessly searching around for 5 minutes or so, you decided enough is enough and declared to play a provisional ball and absorb a penalty of stroke and distance.

You then continued your play, made your provisional ball a ball in play and nicely made it into the hole. And as players always do, you went on to fetch your ball from the hole and to your surprise you found the original ball already in the hole!

The golf rule that addresses this rare situation

So what is golf’s ruling to this one of a kind scenario? Would you be scored by your original ball’s faith? Or is it the penalty and strokes you’ve made with your provisional ball that will count?

To help us understand how Rules of golf would approach such a scenario, here’s a nice explainer video prepared by Brent Kelley and Michael Robles on HOOA Golf Youtube channel.

So, what do you think about this rare scenario and golf rule? Let us know in the comments below.

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