Golfing 101: How to Appear Like a Pro on Your First Day Playing Golf (Part 1)

We get it. We don’t want to be the laughing stock at any given situation. That is why it is only right that we learn all that we can beforehand before taking our first round of golf. Etiquettes, rules, anything that’s worth knowing prior to the game.

Nailing your first round is rather simple. All you have to do to appear like you’ve been there and done that is the following.

Be prepared

Be sure to bring with you the right equipment, plenty of tees and a lot of golf balls. The last thing you want to do once you hit the course is borrow the things you lack which is really not a good idea. Read our article regarding the list of things you need to start playing golf if you have not already.

Make a reservation

You don’t want to arrive in a golfing facility only to learn that you are not allowed an entrance or that a reservation in advance is necessary for a tee time or perhaps a golf membership is required. Understand the type of golf course you will be playing at and make a reservation ahead of time to secure your game time.

Check the dress code

Not all of the golf courses have dress codes. Others can give you a pass for wearing something proper and comfortable. Calling the course hotline beforehand is key to nailing this part. In general, a collared shirt and Dockers-style shorts or slacks (golf skirts or skorts for women) should be okay.

Don’t be late

Be a professional, don’t be late. Chances are you are not the only person who have booked a tee time at a given time slot. If you arrive late, your slot could be offered to others or that you have to wait for others to clear their time before you can recover yours.

Observe turns

You don’t get your turn in a golf round randomly, except when “ready golf” is agreed upon. Generally, the player who has honors will go first. If all players are equal, first tee shot may be decided by a coin toss, draw straws or whatever works. On the next tee, the player with the best score from the previous tee goes first. On the other hand, when every player agrees to “ready golf” type of play, whoever is ready can take his turn. This type of play is especially helpful when the group is trying to speed things up.

Ball handling

“Play it as it lies” is one of the most fundamental principles of golf. This principle is very simple – you are not to move or touch the ball in play! Where it lands, whatever its orientation, you play it as it is. There are exceptions of course. But a good rule of thumb is to not move nor touch the ball in play unless otherwise necessary or permitted.

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