Golfing 101: How to Appear Like a Pro on Your First Day Playing Golf (Part 2)

In the previous article, we have covered much on how to appear like a pro on your first day playing golf. The list of things to observe, however, don’t end there. In this installation, we will talk about some more crucial rules and etiquettes you need to observe when playing golf.

Out of bounds

You will mostly notice markings around the sidelines of the golf course you are playing. As a player, one of your goals is to not send your golf ball beyond those out-of-bounds marks. But in case you do, understand that the corresponding penalty will be a stroke-plus-distance.

Since doing the penalty can be time consuming, it is not something you should commit often especially when you are dealing with a busy golf course. If unavoidable, consider playing a second ball known as “provisional ball”.

Lost balls

Shots that go deep into the woods can be avoided especially when it is your first time swinging. When you do lose the ball you are playing, the penalty will be the same as that when the ball went out of bounds. As a player who wants to do it like a pro, not losing the ball should be one of your goals.

Again, doing the penalty can be time consuming, so consider calling for a provisional ball instead.


Believe it or not, slow play is an issue on golf courses. So as a beginner who wants to play golf like a pro, another thing to observe is your pace while playing. Ultimately, you don’t want to keep other golfers after you waiting beyond reasonable time. Plus, you don’t want them to think your a noob for taking too long to deliver a play, do you?

Give way

This is a move to take when you are really taking your time to hit your shots, not ready for your turn and/or that you are in a group that is slower than the group after yours. In scenarios like this, it is always appreciated to allow the faster group or golfers to go before you.

Water hazards

For a beginner, hitting a water hazard is not a surprise. When you hit a water hazard, just take the penalty it corresponds. Water hazards can be detrimental to one’s ability to deliver a significant shot, especially when playing with brand new golf balls you don’t want to lose that easily to water hazards. In this regard, playing with “water balls” (used balls) is a good idea.

To play golf like the pros is to play the sport with utmost consideration to the rules, etiquettes and other players. For further reading, read on dos and don’ts in playing golf.

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