The Different Types of Golf Swings

Types of Golf Swings

Learning how to hit a ball with a piece of club is the fundamental of everything you do in golf. If you have not tried it already, we have explored how to go about it in the previous article.

Now, let’s go a little deeper into making your shot better.

To do that, let’s take a look at the different types of golf swings and when you can use them.

How many different types of golf swings are there?

There are many kinds of shots in golf, but they all can be classified into the following types of golf swings – with slight differences from one to another.


This is basically a shot you take at the beginning of each hole. Others would refer to this as a tee shot. To do a drive swing, you will need a driver club which helps you hit long and far. Distance is key here, but if you can incorporate precision then you will have a better, effective drive.


If drive is what you do at the start, putt is what you do at the tailend of a hole. Simply, this is the shot you take when you are already playing the green when the ball is already around the hole. Precise putting is key here which you have a better chance of delivering by studying the slopes that affect the ball as it rolls towards the hole.


Chipping in golf varies greatly and it is a matter of technique to deliver a chip shot appropriate for a situation. What it is really is an shortened version of full swing, like doing a mini arc instead of a full arc when swinging the club. The key thing here is to derive swing power more from the gravity pull generated by the club head.


There are times when you need to arc the ball high but only for a short distance to overcome an obstacle. This is what defines a flop shot and it can be handy for getting the ball from rough to green in certain situations.


How about those times when your ball sits a couple yards behind an overhanging tree? That is when you execute a punch. That is to keep the ball low as it travels when going up in the air can lead to unwanted ball trouble. A punch shot is also useful in windy situations when you don’t want your ball to be curved/deflected by strong winds as it travels in the air, in which case punching the ball low to the ground is ideal.

Familiarizing yourself with all these golf swing types will give you swing options when the course situation demands flexibility when taking the ball from one point to another. So go ahead, hit the course and practice all these swings.

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