Types of Golf Courses According to Access Level

Types of Golf Courses by Access Level

In the previous article we featured in here, we answered some of golf’s most frequently questions which includes an overview of the types of golf courses as part of the answer to the question “Are public golf courses free?”

In this article, to help you in finding a golf course, we will dig in further into the distinction between these golf courses we see around us. However, we will focus more on golf course types by access.

As you may have already known, not all golf courses are open for everyone to come and play. Some are private and others require certain things or qualifications for you to be given the privilege.

To help you put a label to these golf courses in terms of restrictions, here’s a grouping to remember:

Public Courses

A public golf course is basically the type that is open to the general public. Golf professionals, enthusiasts and even occasional players are welcome to play here. Costa Del Sol Golf Club is an example of a public golf course you can go to and play in Doral, Florida.

Public courses can be broken down into two subtypes namely the Municipal Course and the Daily-Fee Course.

Municipal Courses are golf facilities that are owned by a municipality. You pay a fee each time you in a Municipal course. At times it’s the cheapest option to satisfy a golf craving, but fees may vary depending on whether you are a resident and not.

Daily-Fee Courses are fully open to the public like municipal courses. The only difference is that it’s privately owned.

Resort Courses

These courses, as the name suggests, are part of a resort property – mostly featuring a luxurious lifestyle. Some of these are open to the general public like a Daily-Fee Course while others may restrict access by requiring you to stay at the resort before accessing the golf course. Guests get preferential treatment and discounts.

Semi-private courses

These have similar operation characteristics as public courses. The only difference is that they mainly sell memberships, while allowing non-member access. From a golfer’s standpoint, there is more to enjoy being a member than not which include but are not limited to preferential tees times and discounted green fees.

Private courses

A private course is for golf players who want to join the club and are willing to pay a membership fee. The cost of membership varies. Most of the private clubs are so expensive to join, though it comes with perks and privileges members can only. Non-members may be allowed to play but if the come in as guests of a paying member.

Understand that access types vary from one country to another. Countries like the United States usually feature all these access levels while others may only have public courses.

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