11 Ways to be a better Golfer in 2022

Golfer Chipping from a Bunker

Year 2022 is fast approaching and it could be the turning point in your life, at least, if you want it to be that way. If you have been an unproductive golfer in 2021, the year 2022 could be a year to do something about it.

That said, here are 11 ways to be a better you as a golfer in 2022:

  1. Set your goals – you can’t afford to go aimless this time, so take note of those you want to achieve this year and stick to them.
  2. Practice with your worst ball – yes, you need to be ahead of the unwanted scenarios on the course so you are ready when they happen.
  3. Practice the hazards – avoiding a hazard is one thing, getting through it is another. Simulate and be prepared for those scenarios where you hit a hazard. 
  4. Do golf-related exercises – yes, there are golf exercises you can do to strengthen those muscles you need most in your game.
  5. Get your eyes checked – you can’t go with blurry vision in this sport. You need your eyes in great condition to help you gauge distance, slopes, ball lie etc.
  6. Get your instincts right – your instincts can be detrimental to your game, so it needs to be in the same space as your will to succeed.
  7. Skip the cart, walk more – walking helps you get in tune with the game. It can help cool you down from a frustrating turn. It allows you time to assess risk and reward.
  8. Swing more, wherever you can – be it your home, park, workplace, if the situation allows, take a swing. Doing so gets your arms ready. Don’t limit the swinging only when you’re in the range or course.
  9. Scrutinize the old you – if you have recordings of your previous plays, then it would perfect material to review yourself as a golfer. Hint: find faults in your play and correct them.
  10. Upgrade your golf clubs – could it be that your equipment is the one dragging your plays back? If so, the year 2022 might be the good time to retire them and grab a new set.
  11. Get fit for your golf clubs – clubs that are too long or too short for you affects your normal posture which affects your entire golf swing. Fitting helps you manage this issue.

There you have it. Don’t just wish for something to change without doing anything. To borrow a quote, “Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming.” So get your game face on and begin your journey to a better you now!

Meanwhile, if you’re in Doral, our 18-hole golf course is open and can easily put you in challenging golfing situations. Why don’t you pay us a visit? Learn more about our golf course here.

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