What is Albatross in Golf?

Albatross in Golf

An Albatross, also known as “Double Eagle”, is a golf scoring term that is three (3) strokes less than the par rating a specific hole has. It is also recognized as 3-under par.

Albatross in numbers

So, how do you exactly know you are scoring an albatross?

Holes in golf are Par rated (read more: Par in golf). Let’s imagine you are playing a par-5 hole in our golf course in Doral. This means to deal with this fair and square you need to complete it utilizing five (5) strokes. However, if you are that kind of a golf player carrying much power and precision in every strike, and completed it with just two (2) strokes, then in that case you just scored an albatross.

  • A score of 1 is an albatross in a par 4 hole
  • A score of 2 is an albatross in a par 5 hole
  • A score of 3 is an albatross in a par 6 hole
  • A score of 4 is an albatross in a par 7 hole

When albatross is hole-in-one

Hole-in-One or Ace is basically completing a hole with just a single strike. So, in a par-4 hole for instance, completing it with just one (1) stroke would be a hole-in-one score, but at the same time an albatross.

Why name 3-under par as albatross?

Well, if it is not obvious already, 3-under par and the bird albatross has one thing in common. That is, they are both rare. It is for this reason albatross is used to name a score three under par in agreement to the bird theme in golf scores.

Odds of scoring albatross in golf

Albatross is a very rare sight in the golf field. It’s rare that only a handful of golf players scored albatross in major tournaments. About a million-to-one if ratio helps you imagine the rarity of it. But this should not discourage you from even trying. You’ll have a chance at it as you gain experience. Also, try and aim for it in a par-6 hole (or higher) if you must as it allows you 3 strokes to maneuver for an Albatross score.

What is better than albatross?

If albatross is rare, is there a rarer score? There is and it is called a Condor or 4-under par, which basically means scoring 1 on a par 5 hole or 2 on a par 6.

How to improve your chances of scoring albatross?

Scoring an albatross may sound like you need luck to be on your side, but there is one thing you can do to improve your chances. Practice your shots! Make your shots better, powerful. Make them pierce through and go the distance. Securing more distance in each strike means fewer strokes necessary to complete a hole. Also, upgrade your equipment. Make use of those that can help you improve your accuracy and maximize your power.

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