What is an Ace in Golf?

Ace or Hole-in-One in golf

An Ace, otherwise known as “Hole-in-One”, is one of the scores in golf which is acquired with only a single stroke. Thus, it is a score of 1 in any hole – or that scenario when you drop the ball from tee to cup in a single shot.

More on tee to cup scenario

Not all tee to cup hits are a hole-in-one though, so let’s clarify on that.

There are quite a couple exceptions as to when a tee to cup hit is not considered an ace or hole in one. These scenarios include:

  • A tee to cup hit following a lost ball
  • A tee to cup hit following an out-of-bounds
  • A tee to cup hit following a water hazard

When ace is achievable

Don’t think of an ace as something you can’t score. In fact, there is a situation when it is doable and that is when dealing with a par 3 hole like the one we have at the 14th hole in our golf course in Doral.

Par 3 holes are usually short and can be completed with a single blow. You just need to add a little precision and power to your strike to make it a tee to cup scenario especially when the par 3 hole you are dealing with challenges you to pass through a water hazard like the one we have in Doral.

Is ace possible on par 4 hole

It is possible to ace a par 4, especially when the cup’s disposition makes it reachable from the tee.

In PGA Tour history, an ace on par 4 has only been done one time. The rare sight took place at the 332-yard 17th in TPC Scottsdale during 2001 Phoenix Open when Andress Magee sent the golf ball from tee to cup in a single glory-bound blow.

Is ace possible on par 5 hole?

Yes, this is also possible. Again, consider the shape of the hole. Usually when it takes the form of a dogleg or a horseshoe, that’s when the disposition of the cup is closer from the tee.

But what about straight holes – is it still possible? Yes to that, too. Well, because it’s been done before.

Below are the notable professional golfers who made ace on par 5:

  • Mike Crean – 9th hole at Green Valley Ranch G.C. – 2002
  • Dick Hogan – 8th hole at Piedmont Crescent Golf Course in Burlington, N.C. – 1973
  • Larry Bruce – (dogleg) 5th hole at Hope C.C. in Arkansas – 1962
  • Jack Bartlett – (dogleg) 17th hole at Royal Wentworth Falls C.C. in New South Wales – 2007
  • Shaun Lynch – (horseshoe) 17th hole at Teign Valley G.C. in Christow, England – 2004

When golf scoring terms collide

Hole-in-one or ace takes another scoring term depending on which par it was scored. Let’s look at when these scoring terms overlap one another.

  • Ace or hole-in-one in par 3 is also known as two under par (-2) or Eagle
  • Ace or hole-in-one in par 4 is also known as three under par (-3) or Albatross
  • Ace or hole-in-one in par 5 is also known as four under par (-4), Condor, Double Albatross or Triple Eagle
  • Ace or hole-in-one in par 6 is also known as five under par (-5) or Ostrich

How to improve your chances of scoring an ace?

As always, practicing your shots improves your chances of scoring an ace in a golf round, especially on dogleg and/or horseshoe shaped holes. Unlike straight holes where a piercing, powerful shot can help cover the distance, dogleg and horseshoe holes or even those par 3 holes equipped with hazards require precision to navigate the ball from tee to cup so be sure to work on that as well.

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