What is Double Bogey in Golf?

Double Bogey

A Double Bogey is a golf scoring terminology that is two (2) strokes more of the par rating a particular hole has. It is also recognized as 2-over par.

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Double bogey in numbers

So, how do you score a double bogey? Let us imagine a scenario of you taking your shot at a par-4 hole. You would score a par if you complete this hole utilizing only four (4) strokes. Now, if you exceed two (2) strokes, making your total strokes 6 for this hole, your score would be known as double bogey or 2-over par. To help you with identifying a double bogey score in other situations, please see below:

  • A score of 5 is a double bogey in a par 3 hole
  • A score of 6 is a double bogey in a par 4 hole
  • A score of 7 is a double bogey in a par 5 hole

Is a double bogey good?

The answer to this question would depend on the situation. Basically, if you want to stay competitive in a professional golf tournament, a double bogey score is something you want to commit less often. In a recreational setting, however, this is fairly a common score.

What is worse than a double bogey?

Triple bogey is worse than a double bogey. Technically, any score greater than 2-over par would be considered worse than a double bogey.

What is a net double bogey?

Net Double Bogey, for handicap purposes, is the maximum allowable hole score. This has been in place to prevent the occasional bad hole from impacting a golf player’s Handicap Index too severely.

Everybody makes double bogey

Don’t punish yourself for making double bogeys. All players make double bogey. That’s right! Even the best golfers make them. What is important is that you try and recover from it in the next hole.

How to recover from double bogey?

We know that double bogey is a 2-over par score. That is, you have made two (2) extra strokes than what’s expected. To recover, basically, is to either score 1-under par in your next two holes or 2-under par in your next hole. Again, the key thing here is to not commit it often so you’ll have less to recover from.

How to avoid scoring double bogey?

Double bogey is a fixable golfing dilemma. Here’s what you can do to improve your chances of avoiding it.

  • Practice your shots – like everyday if you can
  • Enroll in golfing lessons – if it helps you more having a golf coach
  • Be physically and mentally fit for the game

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