What is the 90-Degree Rule in Golf

You probably heard of the 90-degree rule at golf courses and wondered what it is and why does it matter?

Well, this article will try to explain the rule and its significance to both the players and the golf courses like the one we have in Doral.

What does the 90-degree mean in golf exactly?

The “90-Degree Rule” is something golf courses put into effect if they want to permit golfers the convenience of driving their golf carts onto the fairway, but at the same time minimize the impact of this freedom to the course’s fairway grass.

Why does the 90-degree matter to players?

As already mentioned, the rule allows the convenience of driving a golf cart onto the fairway grass which means less walking and more conserved energy for a long day of golf.

Some golf courses do prohibit golf carts from running across turf grass for grass maintenance purposes in which case your golf cart stays on the designated cart path all the time.

What’s the significance of the rule to golf courses?

Passenger golf carts can damage golf course grass. With the 90-degree rule in effect, wearing down the fairway grass can be limited which means it would be easier to maintain the grass while allowing the golfers the convenience of riding golf carts over it.

How to follow the 90-degree rule exactly?

The 90-degree rule is really a simple rule to follow. Below are the typical steps taken in order to keep in line with this rule:

  1. After hitting your drive, jump into your cart and drive it on the cart path until you reach an area of it that’s even with your golf ball’s position.
  2. Once certain, turn your cart at a right angle (a 90-degree), drive straight to your ball and play your shot.
  3. Once done, jump back into your cart, drive straight back to the cart path where you previously were, drive through the designated cart path and repeat the observance of the 90-degree rule.

What about hole specific rules?

It is worth noting that cart rules may vary between holes. This means in some golf courses the 90-degree rule may not be applied to a specific hole and that riding golf carts over may be prohibited compared to other holes. It is important that you ask about it especially when you will be using a golf cart to navigate through 9 or 18 holes.

Remember that golf carts were made to help golfers navigate around a golf course. The 90-degree rule, on the other hand, is in place to minimize its impact on the golf grass.

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